Pricing your images for sale

Our goal at Stuckup is to strike that fine balance between optimizing sales, while getting fair market value for your work. It is usually possible to generate more revenue for you, the artist, by charging less money for each piece, thereby encouraging the maximum amount of people to buy your work. Given that you do not need to worry about production costs, framing, packaging or shipping, you do not need to worry about recouping any associated costs.

We have devised a unique and clever pricing algorithm that determines optimum price for each piece, at each of the various sizes we offer. It has been designed to optimize sales while getting the most revenue for you.

When you list your artwork, the system will determine the recommended prices for each size to be offered. It is possible for you to increase this pricing, but only up to our maximum pricing cap. If you feel that your artwork should be p[ri at a higher price than the system allows, please contact us to discuss. We understand that certain artwork is worth more than others, based on a large number of factors, including artist reputation and process, and we will take those things into account when we speak with you.

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