1. Monetize Your Images

Upload your images and we'll co-promote it to your audience and ours. You’ll receive 20% of the net revenue* of each sale, and we will take care of the printing & fulfillment!
*Royalty rates may vary for galleries, artists and agencies.

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2. Sell Prints, Frames & Canvases

List your artwork using our speedy bulk upload tool. Use our recommended pricing algorithm to optimize sales while getting a fair price for your work. List your artwork in open or limited edition. Even digitally sign your work.

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3. Simple, Intuitive Dashboard

Login to your artist account and upload all of your artwork, grouping work into collections. Our bulk upload tool syncs to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram etc and it only takes a few minutes. Track your earnings in your dashboard.

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4. Tell Your Story, Grow Your Fanbase

Tell your story and build a following of fans at Stuckup. Follow others that interest you, and be notified when people you follow post content of interest. Link to your Instagram and website for improved SEO and build your brand.

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5. Fulfilled by Stuckup

We provide all the materials, printing, framing and fulfillment. We’ll expertly print each piece, frame it using our handmade curated selection of frames, pack it and ship it leaving you to focus on creating incredible artwork, with none of the hassle.

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How it works for Artists

List your images in collections in your artist account
Co-promote your artwork to our combined audiences
Stuckup handles all printing, framing, packing, shipping and customer support
You get paid via PayPal

1. List your images in Collections

Join here and list your art, images, photos etc. into collections. Sync images from your Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos or Desktop.

2. Co-promote Campaigns

Work with us to create sales of your artwork and promote the campaign in unison with us to our combined audiences.

3. Fulfilled by Stuckup

We print each order and turn your work into framed prints, canvases, decals & murals. We include all hanging hardware & instructions, and handle all packing, shipping & support.

4. You Get Paid

Login to your Artist account to track your earnings. Each month you’ll be paid into your PayPal account. Earnings are paid after a 30 day clearing period.

Features & Perks


  • Artist Store — showcase your work to art enthusiasts worldwide
  • Upload unlimited listings for free
  • Earn healthier royalties than other art platforms
  • No hassle — all production and order fulfillment is provided by Stuckup
  • Run limited edition sales and sign each piece digitally
  • Link to your Instagram account to grow your following organically
  • Recommended pricing system designed to optimize your sales
  • Dashboard to track your performance and earnings
  • Free


  • Included
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