Listing your images is easy and quick.

  • 1. Simply login to your artist account here and navigate to the My Artwork section using the dropdown in the account menu in the top right.
  • 2. Click the “Add Artwork” button which opens the bulk listing tool.
  • 3. Upload your high-resolution images, ensuring that the first image you upload is the original full artwork. Please do not include photographs of your image in a frame, or mounted on a canvas because Stuckup provides the printing and framing.
  • 4. Specify the edition size if you wish to sell it as a limited edition print run, or set it to unlimited.
  • 5. Specify the original artwork media (eg paint, charcoal, digital, photograph etc).
  • 6. Add your image to a collection. By default you have a “General” collection, but you can choose to create new collections in order to group your work into themes. You can add each artwork into a maximum of 3 collections.
  • 7. Click Save and go take a look at your new listing!
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Choose your layout, upload your images from your device, choose picture size and choose a frame, then choose your Mat size and color.