Artist Royalties, Earnings and Getting Paid

Artist Royalties

You will earn 25% of the net revenue of every sale of your artwork. All materials are sourced by us, production is provided by Stuckup. We take care of printing, framing, finishing, packing and shipping, and we provide all customer support relating to the sale of your work.

Payment Schedule

Each month-long Earnings cycle is followed by 30 days of Clearance before payment of the accrued earnings can take place. This is to ensure that all customer orders are completed, received and not returned or cancelled. After the earnings have cleared the system, they are queued for processing and are paid out within the next 7 days.

For example: Earnings accrued in May, clear in June and are issued by the 7th of July.

Payment Methods

Choose to be paid into your Venmo (U.S. only) or PayPal accounts.

Provide Your Payee & Tax Information (if you are in the U.S.)

Information (such as your Name, Address, Phone Number, & Email) is required by law for us to pay you. Accounts that do not have a valid payee name & address & required Tax Information (and/or W-8BEN) will not be processed for payment.

All Stuckup Artist Accounts, whether personal or business/entity owned, are required to provide a tax ID in order to receive payment and proper tax documentation.


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