Requirements for our partner artists, photographers and image makers.

Whether you’re an artist, a photographer, a designer, a brand or you are simply an individual who is passionate about producing inspiring images, you can upload your original images to display for sale on Stuckup. All we ask is that you apply using our (very simple) form, and that your work lives up to our minimum standard quality, which is assessed by our in-house team.

Typically we will approve your application if you:

  • Uploaded a few examples of your work, and it is of a sufficiently high standard
  • Have provided a website or instagram link showing the artwork you wish to sell
  • Have provided your full contact information
  • Can provide high-resolution original digital images of your artwork – to be printed by Stuckup
  • Are the legal owners of the artwork which they intend to sell (sorry no Picassos this time round – there are plenty of other sites for that)
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Choose your layout, upload your images from your device, choose picture size and choose a frame, then choose your Mat size and color.