Quintessential Guide — Part II: Netflix & Chill

by Melissa Thomson

Melissa Thomson
Millennial Motel specializes in creating quirky designs that poke fun at modern day society, questionable habits, lazy emoji-fed linguistics and pop culture.


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Quintessential Guide — Part II: Netflix & Chill

The Quintessential Guide to Millennials is a seminal collection of prints design to remove the mysteries behind the language deployed by younger generations in today's post-modern society. Want to educate Grandma so that she can stand a cat-in-hell's chance of understanding her grandkids? Then The Quintessential Guide is for you! Makes a perfect gift for hanging in a hallway or a downstairs loo. Part II: "Netflix & Chill" Choose The Quintessential Guide framed or unframed, in a size of your liking, with free U.S. shipping and discounted worldwide shipping, and free returns.

Printed by Stuckup on heavy weight, fine art paper with a subtle luster finish using vibrant, museum-grade archival Epson inks in high-resolution. Choose to have this print framed or unframed using the options above. Comes with free U.S. shipping, or budget-friendly international shipping, and every order at Stuckup is covered by our 60 Day Returns Guarantee 😊.

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500 in stock