Pampa Roja

by Emir Gómez Farah

Emir Gómez Farah
@Emir Z. Gómez Farah
(City of Buenos Aires 1990) I'm an architect but work self-taught in the arts. I have art in private collections in various parts of the world and exhibited among several countries such as France, Russia, United States, Chile and Argentina. My interests are broad, from social plots and technology to spirituality. I work and congregate these themes using various means and through the symbiotic play of light and darkness.


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Oakwood Ridge
or Unframed (Art Print Only)

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Pampa Roja

oil on canvas

Printed by Stuckup on heavy weight, fine art paper with a subtle luster finish using vibrant, museum-grade archival Epson inks in high-resolution. Choose to have this print framed or unframed using the options above. Comes with free U.S. shipping, or budget-friendly international shipping, and every order at Stuckup is covered by our 60 Day Returns Guarantee 😊.

Dimensions & Details

  • External Width:
  • External Height:
  • External Depth:
  • Inks:
  • Paper:
  • Glass:
  • 8"
  • 8"
  • 0.2"
  • Museum-grade Archival Inks
  • Luster Fine Art Paper
  • UV Acrylic
  • Frame Material:
  • Original Media:
  • Made by:
  • Hardware:
  • Shipping:
  • Returns:
  • Oak wood
  • Other
  • Stuckup in the U.S.
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25 in stock