Birds of Paradise Bouquet on Blue After Matisse

by Lara Meintjes

Lara Meintjes
Lara is a South African artist currently living in beautiful Williamstown, Massachusetts. She has inky fingers and peculiar hair. She works primarily in gouache paint, crayon, oil stick, and marker to create maximalist modern-inspired floral paintings with classical elements and hidden wild cats.

Oakwood Ridge
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Birds of Paradise Bouquet on Blue After Matisse

These flowers, which South Africans call strelitzias, featured throughout my childhood, including as the badge on my school uniform for three of the many schools I attended growing up. Another familiar motif in my work--wildcats-- featured on another which may explain my dueling obsessions. This piece features a vase of these flowers all looking in different directions, their vibrant orange crowns competing for supremacy. The purple-blue in the background is one of my favorite colors to paint in and you will see it pop up an awful lot in my work.

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