by Astrid Stoeppel

Astrid Stoeppel
Professional Artist Biography Astrid Stoeppel is a professional contemporary artist born and based in Germany with a passion for bright pure colors and geometric shapes. Astrid’s works are a part of many public and private collections in New York, Washington, NewJersey, Florida, California, Texas, South Korea, the UK, France, Spain, Austria and Germany. Stoeppel was born on the 7th of June 1974 in Weilheim, Germany. After her studies in biology and human genetics in Munich she decided to enter in the own family business, a store with books, stationery and art supplies located in Weilheim. The different colors and the white, large canvases, which she daily sold in her shop, attracted her in a magical way. She started to paint and finished her own large abstract artworks. Her first exhibitions (2012) took place in her studio and in store rooms and shop windows with awesome success. In 2014 Astrid Stoeppel designed her own website, created social media profiles and became a member of various online galleries and art blogs. Now she gets invitations to national and international group or solo shows as well as art fairs and charity events. She also has been nominated for some art awards. Astrid has experimented with several mediums, such as oil pigment sticks, watercolor, spray paint and ink, but acrylics tend to her most preferred medium. The last years she worked on different styles. The various series with acrylic colors „Colorful acrylics“, „No colors“ and „Emotional acrylics“ are painted on large canvases. Bright, bold and powerful colors on a white or colored background in common geometric shapes like lines, dots, circles and color fields. In 2018 and 2019 she focused her work on the very unique series “Colorful acrylics“. After two very successful solo shows in Germany and an amazing artfair in Brooklyn/New York her colorful creativity is enormous. She exhibited at Art Basel Miami 2018 and 2019 and her work is also listed on Artsy now. Astrid believes: „If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!“


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Oakwood Ridge
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Colorful acrylics: a series of bold, powerful colors on a white, grey or black primed background. I’m obsessed with bold and powerful colors arranged in common geometric shapes. That’s me: clear and structured at work, but also always creative, curious, passionate and a bit imperfect. I’m inspired by the color itself and adore the purity. Every individual color gets my undivided attention. My works are painted color by color. In this way I fill the canvas step by step with dynamic, vitality and structure. My message? The time is moving so fast and our mind is strongly influenced by the media and social media. I would like that people stop their thoughts for a moment, calm down, start to follow the lines, go along with the circles, look at the dots and color fields in my works and feel the vibrancy and attraction of pure colors and common shapes.

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