Choose your layout, upload your images from your device, choose picture size and choose a frame, then choose your Mat size and color.

Sell your art at Stuckup

Stuckup is curating a community of influential Artists, providing our state-of-the-art printing, framing and fulfillment service, and making it easy for Artists to monetize their work. Launching Summer 2019.

Monetize your art by selling it in the Stuckup Artist Community
Sell your Art in Limited Edition

Monetize your photography or artwork

Compile a collection of your artwork and we'll co-promote it to your audience and ours. You’ll receive 20% of every sale, the moment it happens.

Sell the original artwork or limited edition print runs.
Stuckup prints, frames, packs and ships your artwork to the customer

Sell your original images or sell limited edition print runs

We will work with you to establish a pricing strategy that fairly reflects your work while optimizing your sales. Even choose to increase pricing as the edition sells out.

Stuckup will print, frame and ship your art to the customer.
Sell the original artwork or rent it for recurring income

Stuckup prints, frames, packs and ships each order

We provide all the materials, printing, framing and fulfillment. We’ll expertly print each piece, frame it using our handmade curated selection of frames, pack it and ship it leaving you to focus on creating incredible artwork, with none of the hassle.


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